Telling the little one

I have begun to "show" - as they say about pregnant women. Therefore, I thought it time to tell the youngster about her new sibling arrival. She's heard it a million times before, as she was usually in ear shot of our announcement. Nevertheless, I thought it was important to have a little chat with her about the baby.

Yesterday, I simply said that mommy is going to have a baby. She will be a big sister, much like her current favorite cartoon character, Dora. She looked at my tummy for a while. Then she got on top of me, sitting directly on my tummy and said, "Now I sit on baby." Today when we were in the car she said, "Where did Mommy's baby go? Oh no. Its gone."

She's already trying to squash the little booger in utero. This might be more of a challenge than I'd previously thought. I could start ignoring her more, I guess. Oye vey.