The Big Bad Wolf

While walking toward the bathroom tonight I heard the sound of water splashing violently around the room.  As I entered I said, "what are you up to in here, Mister?"  He replied, "There is water all over the place."  I looked around.  The walls were covered with splashed water and the floor beneath the sink was soaked.  I inquired, "what happened, was the water on too high?"

He replied, "I don't know.  I  didn't do it.  It was the Big Bad Wolf.  I came in and he was here making this mess.  So I punched him the face first, then I socked him in the stomach.  Next I knifed him.  Then he ran away."  He performed all of the motions (as seen on Justice League) of punching, socking, and knifing.  

I hate it when I miss the Big Bad Wolf's appearances.  According to Mister, he has been showing up a lot lately and doing all kinds of bad stuff.  Next time I need an excuse, I think I will try blaming the Big Bad Wolf - because it works every time.

Too. Cute.