It's come around again: summer.

Yesterday while I drove Mister to his last day of preschool I asked.  "Are you excited it's your last day of school?"

"Nooooo!"  He shouted at me from the way-way back seat.

"Oh! Are you excited for summer vacation?" I tried again.

"Nooooo!" Again.

"Oh! Why? Aren't you happy about some time away from school?"  I reworded the question in hopes of a more positive response.

"Well no.  What if you take me to some stupid house this summer?"  Now we're getting somewhere.

"What do you mean 'some stupid house'?  Do you mean on vacation?"  I asked.

"Yes, I don't even know.  Are you making me move to this house?  If I go to a stupid house I will just walk away from that place."  Mister was under the impression that summer vacation was a destination.  I clarified.

"I am not moving you to a new house this summer.  We will take two trips in our car with our family.  We will swim and ride on a boat.  We will fish and play at the beach."  I thought that cleared it up.

He did not.  "So is this trip today?  We get to go fishing today?"  This is when it occurred to me, 4 year old children do not grasp the concept of a month.  He calls last night "tonight tonight."  He confuses seconds for minutes. Might not be a bad idea to add "teach Mister the concept of a calendar year" to his Summer Bridge ABC's & 123's packet.

About this time I had arrived at his school and he was ready to hop out.  He gave me his extra puckered lips to kiss and said, "love you Mom!" as he hopped out the door.

He is a mind-boggling treasure.  Pure and simple.