Sometimes weird comes out of our mouths. I occasionally talk in my sleep. Last night I actually woke myself up while talking to my husband in my sleep. I woke up to the sound of my own voice saying loudly, "Jamie! Can I have a chew in bed? Jamie! Can I have a chew in bed?" It was very odd as I am not a fan of chewing tobacco. When I woke up at 5 a.m. and my husband was no where to be seen, I assumed he'd had it with my middle of the night verbal attacks and sought silence in the basement. I can't imagine his perspective - the poor guy is just trying to get a good night of sleep and then his loony-tunes wife starts yelling at him out of the darkness about having a dip in bed.

The strangest things come from the imagination, though. I liken my subconscious dream state to the imagination of my three year old because, while I am good at pretend play, I stick to nonsense speak in my sleep. She, on the other hand, spews nonsensical stories, thoughts, tales, and gibberish from morning until night.

We've encountered a hiccup in her potty training. She seems to be missing the cue more often than not lately. I try not to be hard on her because, after all, she is three. Today though, after her second accident, I sat down in the bathroom and said, "I wonder why you keep having accidents?" She sat on the toilet holding her head in her hands, pondering my question. Then she replied sincerely, "I think, Mom, that my panties are just thirsty and I am giving them a teeny tiny drink with my pee." I replied, "I see..."

We're full of nonsense around here. I love it.