Sorry, what was that?

My youngest, the Happy Critter, is a messy eater.  Whatever he eats ends up on his face.  After his daily breakfast of Eggos and Jimmy Dean turkey sausage he undoubtedly has syrup dripping down his belly, up his nose, and on his cheek.  When he gets dressed we usually wipe him down with a wash cloth or wet wipe.  

Last week he went upstairs after eating and I cleaned the kitchen table before getting him ready for the day. He had some time to mess around before I got to him.  He played in his sister's room, then in his, minding his own business.  I went upstairs after fifteen minutes or so and said, "OK, kiddo, lets get you ready for the day!"  He had syrup all over himself.  I grabbed the bag of wet wipes and started on his belly.  Then the following conversation transpired:

Me: OK, hold still, I need to wipe your face off.

Him: No! Mom! I have crapshit on.

Me: Sorry, what was that?

Him: Crapshit.  I have crapshit on my lips.

Me: All the more reason to wipe your face off.

Him: NO MOM! I HAVE SISSY'S CRAPSHIT on.  You can't wipe it off.

Me: You have your sister's crapshit on your face?

Him: No, it's pink crapshit.  (At this point he rubbed his lips together.)

Me: Oh! Are you saying Chap Stick?

Him: Yes, crapshit.  It's fruity!