September 22 - The other moms

Other moms can be torture. Why don't we all just get along? Some moms are very judgey and opinionated about how they do it, what their kid can do, what their kid eats; as adults shouldn't we all just agree that we each have our own way? Don't preach at me about your way.

My dear friend went to the park in a neighboring town. Very million dollar home area. She overheard other mom dish about what foreign language class their 5 year olds were taking. The standards for success will always be raising. When our parents were kids success didn't mean a college degree. Now that isn't even the question. The question is: what is your graduate work done in? We should be teaching our kids foreign language. But does the competition of success begin at 5?

Do yourself a favor. Stop looking outward, only judge yourself, and go for a walk for pete's sake. People who exercise are happier, live longer, and have better sex. Exercise America.