First Time Isn't a Charm

My husband is a snow plower.  He goes out alone, a solitary man and his truck.  With our most recent storm he was out for 36 hours...or something insane like that.  He seems to like it quite a bit.  I liken it to his hobbies: hunting, fishing.  A man, alone with his gun or fishing pole - silence.  I am well aware that he leaves here on a daily basis to escape the constant sound, even if he has to go to work to do it.  Three year olds and wives talk constantly; the one year old boy exists only with a steady stream of grunts and growns.  We are a loud bunch.  I can tune the kids out pretty well, when needed.  Dinnertime, for instance, I have to shut down my mommy-entertainer mode so as to prepare a meal.  In this mode, however, I can still register anything happening in my kitchen that requires my attention.  A child climbing upstairs or playing in an off limits cabinet.  A child moaning for more peas.  Whatever the case may be I can hear what needs to be heard. 

Sunday was the Superbowl.  We were heading to a small gathering for the event and on the way my husband thought he would check on a couple driveways.  Turned out we did need to plow two driveways.  It was the first time we had a family plowing excursion.  It was less than ideal for the solitary snow plow hubby of mine in that a three year old fields a lot of questions during her first experience with anything. 

This day was also special because it was the first day our youngest, newly one year old just last week, got to face forward while in the car.  Initially he seemed quite pleased to be able to see us and more of the world around him.  The first driveway was quite short.  The baby started moaning a little bit - my dinnertime mommy ears were listening as I watched, fascinated by the movement of snow from one location to the next.  When my husband got out of the truck to shovel the walk I turned and chatted with the kids a bit.  The chicken just wanted to get to the party but my little man seemed downright pissed.  I tried to cheer him up and then we were moving on.

At the next (very long) driveway we pulled up, dropped the plow, and pulled the snow away from the garage door.  Forward and then reverse. We did that three more times.  Then I noticed the moaning again.  Then I noticed my own stomach was starting to turn a bit.  Then the truck lurched forward again and we had our next first experience: the little man puked up his lunch all over himself - twice.  He and I made a not so quick exit from the truck and watched from the sideline.  Needless to say, it was unpleasant and we both felt badly for the Mister.

Evidentally, I need to tune my mommy ear's a bit for the sound of "child about to puke".  My husband will certainly stick to solitary man plowing snow from now on... but who could of have seen that coming?

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