This morning I felt her first tooth coming up - a little, razor sharp tooth poking through her gums. I instantly became excited. Development of any kind sparks such intense excitement for a new mom. Possibly any mom - I suppose I won't know this until round two.

Much about my life has changed since having a baby. For starters, I no longer work outside of the home. This is, while wonderful and exactly what I want, such a shift in who I am. There isn't mental challenge in the same way. There IS mental challenge. It is mentally challenging to listen as the baby cries herself to sleep or to remain patient while she is eating. It is not the same function of the brain as working, however.

Yesterday an opportunity presented itself for part time employment and while the concept of getting out and using my brain is interesting, I'm not ready to hand her off. An hour in the Y's play area is one thing, but a day in day care is still not an option. I think socialization is important and I know at some point I'll have to include it in our lives. But right now, I'm still too smitten with her to let go. While I am still adjusting to this new me, the excitement of seeing all of her firsts, be it a tooth or a word, is too great to go back.

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