Swimming for suckers

Tuesdays the little lady and I hit the pool for her swim lesson. It is currently the most painful 30 minutes of my life. Its as if the clock stops moving.

Let me start by saying, I love to swim. You've heard me mention triathlon - you understand? I swim regularly. I know how, I do it pretty well. Teaching my daughter to swim, however, seems to involve no skill development.

The mommy and me swim lesson involves two things - singing to my 30 pound daughter while holding her. I can skip weights today - you understand? Its like the class is designed to introduce the water to a child. My child is 2; she has lived through two summers at the pool. So you see, the real issue here is that while holding my 30 pound daughter she is twisting and writhing about trying to get away from me, in deep water, the entire time. Often she adds yelling, "No no no MOMMY NO" to her routine. She has NO interest in singing the cheesy songs because this girl, like her mother, wants to SWIM. She does not want to take direction from her mother about what hand movements go with this song or that song. She wants to swim. It seems she does not want her mother to be involved. I gather this from the yelling, you see.

I will say to her, "Do you want me to let go?" She will say yes, then she bobs under water, looking directly at me. When she comes up she is THRILLED. That part is fun. When we sing "Humpty Dumpty" and she gets to jump into the pool - she is THRILLED again.

Finally today the teacher mentioned how my girl should go up a level next session. Though this will still involve the mommy and me concept - or the "No no no no no no MOMMY NO" concept. I'm considering private lessons.

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