Last year we hid Easter eggs in our living room. My husband hid a few in plain sight at the top of a bookshelf and on a window ledge. When Easter morning came around we couldn't say "look higher" enough. She just didn't get the idea of looking higher. This year, she started to look up, not high, but up. It speaks to the concept of seeing the world through the eyes of a child. We are, as parents, reminded that children do not see the world from our perspective.

Last week I gave the chicken my camera. I needed to occupy her completely for as long as possible so that I could exercise in the family room. When I was done, I looked through the pictures and was again reminded of the fact that her perspective is small; she doesn't see the whole table, she sees the cup on it.

I need to remind myself of this altered perspective when parenting. She does not see the big picture, she does not need to. Her view will grow in time, and its my job to teach her about the whole picture. For now, though, we both need to relish the smaller world of us.

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