Oh Crap

Today we are going to buy new ballet shoes, get a hair cut, play hopscotch, and go to a birthday party. That is our plan. We have a plan for every day. Even if its doing laundry and washing toilets, we discuss our plan. All this planning will certainly turn my kids into free-thinking hippies; no one will be able to say I didn't try to teach them organization. Everybody loves a hippie, anyway.

Sometimes in the middle of the day my daughter will concoct her own plan. "Mom I have a plan. Here it is..." Then she'll tell me a nonsensical story with a clear beginning but no end in sight. It will entail part of my original plan for the day with a little toddler twist like, "Then we'll feed the rabbits and rub lotion on their little paws." Her to-do list is far more entertaining than mine. She flips her hands around like a teenager and then ends her plan with, "How's that sound, good?" Of course, it always sounds good to me.

Today's plan, in her opinion, was adversely effected by the rain. We'd already played hopscotch and were inside having lunch when it began to rain. She stood at the backdoor and said, "Oh crap now I can't buy my ballet slippers." I replied, "What'd you say?" She repeated. "Oh crap, I can't buy my ballet slippers. Look the rain." I said, "We don't say 'oh crap' its not nice." She looked at me with the most baffled expression. I said, "Mommy shouldn't say it either." Then she said, "Ohhh ok then."

What can I say? What word can I use when something goes wrong, I stub my toe, or drop something. Do I really have to learn to say nothing at all? Can I just use "bleep." I have come up with a thousand plus ways of not swearing and I really want to keep "crap" but alas, I cannot. Oh heavens what will I do? For pity's sake there aren't enough options. My word the time has gotten away from me. Good grief I must end this post and get in the shower. Holy smokes it really is late. Fiddlesticks I've lost my mind....

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Adam said...

I just laughed aloud at the conclusion to this post. You're a joy to read. Keep it up, V.