Nose Picking

Boys.  What are you going to do sometimes?  They just ARE boys.  They can't help themselves.  My youngest, the Happy Critter, is exploring some new things lately.  Nose picking in particular.  For the past three years I have picked his nose.  I pick all the kids noses if they let me. 

I usually have wet wipes on hand for the booger I pull from his nostrils.  I haven't exactly made a show of pulling the booger out and putting it in a wipe or tissue; but, that has been the case.  Occasionally, in the absence of a wipe or tissue I wipe the boogers on myself.  I hate to admit that.  It's disgusting, I know that.  You think I don't know that?  I know that.  I am usually somewhat dirty though anyway - so it just works out.  I wipe the booger on my ratty t shirt or my sweaty yoga pants.  Then I wash the clothes like any other normal person.

But lately, since he has begun exploring nose picking for himself he has also begun eating his boogers.  Or attempting it at least.  I've caught him a handful of times taking his finger from his nose and putting it in his mouth.  I explain, as best as one can to a three year old, that its yucky.  No one eats boogers.  No one.  Eating boogers is like eating poop.  We just don't do it.  I haven't actually verbalized the boogers and poop bit because I don't want to give him any ideas.  That is just what I think in my head when I'm saying, "That is gross.  Very yucky!" 

Tuesday, however, we went shopping for some first day of school clothes at the mall.  The Happy Critter and Mister selected several new character t shirts: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Superman, The Justice League.  Both boys got new light up shoes because some marketing genius figured out kids like lights and parents are push overs for kids who like lights.  Though as a side note light up shoes are fun anywhere you go; so it doubles as a practical shoe purchase and a toy.  Win win. 

After making our purchases at JCP we headed back to the car.  Mister can buckle himself.  The Happy Critter is still in a 5 point harness so I helped him to his seat and got him settled.  As I did this I noticed a booger.  I said, "Sir, you have a booger in your nose.  May I get it?"  He replied, "Otay."  I got the booger.  Just as I was about to wipe the booger into a wipe he said, "No Ma.  In my mou."  I said, "Ummm... no.  I am not putting this booger in your mouth.  We do not eat boogers."  He said, "OTTTTTAAAAY!" 

He really thought I would give it to him.  He was miffed that I didn't feed him his own booger.  He looked at me like, "How rude."  Thankfully Mister gave me a supportive look and said, "that was disgusting" and I felt better.  Two out of three kids do not eat their boogers.  I'd call it a success.

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