Indecent Exposure or Childhood Phase? You be the judge.

I'm experiencing one of those motherhood moments when I am unsure how to handle a situation with my children.  My boys are very happy to be boys.  They like the freedom that comes with urinating wherever they want to urinate.  Trouble is, they want to urinate in places I do not want them to urinate.

Where you ask?

On Tuesday my kids were helping me in the garden at work.  I have been teaching mini-garden lessons with the camp kids on Tuesday mornings this summer.  This week was my last week so I let my kids pitch in.  I talked a little with the camp kids, then my children distributed nectarines to the campers from the back of my truck.  Next to my truck was a line of bushes.  Behind that line of bushes is the actual YMCA swimming pool windows.  Between groups of campers coming and going we had some down time.  My son, unaware of the windows, went between my truck and the building and peed on the bushes.

I do not want him to urinate outdoors at my place of employment.

On Thursday my kids spend the day with my niece so I can work.  They love it because sometimes they get to go to her house and swim, jump on the trampoline, or play video games with my brother. Yesterday, my boys were jumping on the trampoline and one of my boys chased the other with his pants down and tried to pee on him.

I do not want him to urinate on his brother.

Finally, Friday morning around 1 am.  There I was sleeping peacefully in my bed.  When I heard something, it sounded like someone was peeing in my bathroom garbage can, in the dark.  I opened my eyes to see my littlest, sweetest, darling child crying in my bathroom and peeing on the floor.

I do not want him to urinate on the floor.

Then I wonder, is this a passing phase or will it linger, rearing its ugly head throughout the years? Will one of them be delivered to my doorstep by the PD for public urination?  Will I find one of them, likely intoxicated, urinating in his closet?  I've been jovial.  I've been firm.  I've tried everything to make it clear that a toilet is the desired target.

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